Please contact for interviews doing the Strasbourg 2018 event. 


Thursday Nov 22nd: International Press Point (room 7): 

  • Authors of the article published by The Conversation: Edward Kruk (University of British Columbia, Canada, ICSP president) 
  • Michel Grangeat (university Grenoble Alpes, France, chair of the 4th ICSP conference Strasbourg 2018)
  • Sofia Marinho (university of Lisbon, Portugal, ICSP board member) 
  • Malin Bergström (University of Stockholm, Sweden,ICSP board member).

Friday Nov 23rd: French speaking press point (room 1):

  • Michel Grangeat (university Grenoble Alpes, chair of the 4th ICSP conference Strasbourg 2018)
  • Chantal Clot-Grangeat (Psychologist, ICSP Vice-president, chair of the 4th ICSP conference Strasbourg 2018)
  • Philippe Latombe (Member of the Parliament)
  • Régine Barthélémy (Lawyer, member of the board of the National Council of Bars)
  • Monia Scattareggia (Manager of Themis, organisation for Children’s Rights in Strasbourg).

The ICSP conference Strasbourg 2018 is organized solely from the own funds of the International Council on Shared Parenting. This conference is important to support the rights of the child and all children. You can support the success of the Conference with a donation by clicking here. The donation will be used to promote the Conference, support for the travel costs of a person coming from an emerging country (Africa, Middle East, etc.), simultaneous translation costs and for the ICSP work.